Ages 4-6 (Online)

Ages 4-6 (Online)


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allsorts drama courses for younger children take them on many exciting adventures, where they can explore the wonderful world of drama.

The children delight in different themes, delve into the dressing up boxes and use colourful stage make up to transform themselves into their favourite characters.

All of our themes are derived from our own material, designed to stimulate the imagination and help to create happy, confident children.

We create interesting and varied classes for the children, ensuring a stimulating and enjoyable time. Each term ends with an open session for parents to view the work that has been covered.

Past Themes

The Land time forgot
Journey into a long, lost world, help our courageous friends Kimba, Flute and Honey Nut as they take on the race of their life!Princess Serafina’s  magical glow will leave her and her mystical kingdom if the friends fail in their task to find seven magical ingredients for the spell of ‘Light’.
Sea Marines
Let your imagination set sail as you become one of our adventurous Sea Marines aboard the allsorts submarine. Save Whales, Seahorses, Turtles, and Seals,  learn the ways of the ocean and immerse yourselves in our watery  wonderland.
Legends of the Jungle
Many centuries ago eight mysterious golden coins were hidden deep in the Jungle.Join us on an amazing adventure into the labyrinth of a hidden world, meeting many fantastic creatures along the way.
Curiosity Circus
Peek behind the door and enter carefully – it’s a world of wonder, fun, and much laughter!The music beats so you have to dance, the clowns joke so you must join them, the animals perform so you must instruct them.Walk tight ropes, ride horses, be the awe-inspiring Ringmaster and then put on the show of your life!
Space – Launch off!
Three, two, one – let’s go!Sit on the edge of the moon and collect the floating junk, dig for cheese and chat with the Space mice.Explore weird and wonderful space plant’s, but don’t get caught by the human eating ones!Hide and watch as the Aliens arrive in their space ship and join them for drinks at the Star Bar or cakes at the Milky way Chocolate bar.

Other themes include:

The Sea Queens Treasure, The Magic of Colour Flying, Funky Fruit Fairies and Pixie Island Boys.



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